January 29, 2012

Patience makes perfect.

As soon as I wake up my brain is consumed with a to do list for the day. Is this what comes with being a mother? We all have an image in our minds that has created the way we want to live out our lives, I'm not the only one right? We have our dream home, what career we want how we want our kids to be raised. So much time is spent of dreaming up these pretty ideas in our head that we forget to actually pursue them. I see Isaac who wakes up each day and you can tell in his eyes that he is care free ready to do, well whatever he can. He doesn't have a worry in the word besides maybe when he gets to eat next. How simple and beautiful it is to be a child. Is it because they are so naive to what the world has to share? Our is it because to them the moment they are living in is all they need, to take in every second that passes with such carefree pace.  To me that must be the ultimate way to spend life. Even a simple walk outside his eyes widen and you can see that he is enjoying every little thing. The wind blowing through the trees, birds chirping, the noise the Bellingham rain makes falling from the sky. Having this little being that defines happiness makes my life feel so much more at ease. It makes me feel lucky and strong, like I could conquer the day with out a list or without having to feel there isn't enough time in a day. Patience is a new word I have found to describe myself that I thought I could never use. I no longer seem to rush the day by but instead I like to take it all in, fall in love with the little moments I share with Isaac so we can teach each other what it is to make the most of what we were given.

 Us on a hike this past summer, one of my favorite pictures of us.

January 28, 2012

Easy Soup Recipe.

The easiest way for me to get dinner done with an easy clean up, healthy and in a less expensive way is soup! There is a little bit of prep time with cutting some of the veggies up, but for me its an easy alternative to fast food or going out to eat. The best part about soup if you have a couple key ingredients on hand at all times then you can put anything you have that sounds good in the pot! Here is my soup recipe that I call Slow cooked organic bean and grain sausage veggie soup! Hope You Enjoy.

2 cups of BOBS RED MILL SOUP MIX ( link with picture of package)
1 32 oz. container of organic low sodium vegetable stock
4 Organic chicken apple sausage  links (No Nitrates)
2 cups of water
1 medium organic Spanish (white) onion
3 cloves of organic garlic
6 medium organic french fingerling potatoes
4 organic carrots
3 organic celery stocks
1 and a half cups of cut up organic black kale
2 organic bay leaves
half tablespoon marjoram
half tablespoon thyme
2teaspoon black pepper
2 tablespoons olive oil
Organic apple cider vinegar to taste

I started out by cutting up all the veggies (except the kale) into reasonably similar sized pieces (so they cook evenly) Next I smashed the cloves of garlic, not cut. I then put my soup pot over medium heat and added 2 tablespoons of olive oil, let that heat up and then added all the veggies and sauteed them until the onions were translucent (about 15-20 min). After this step its very important to remove the smashed garlic, you don't want big chunks of garlic left in there! All the flavor of it will now be infused into the oil and veggies. Now turn your heat on high and add the vegetable stock and 2 cups of water ( Or more if you prefer more) , once it has come to a boil reduce it to low. Add your black pepper, bay leaves, marjoram and thyme. Pop the lid on and let this cook for about 1hour, add more water if you feel like you need to. ( follow instructions on the back of the soup mix).  After this hour is over go ahead and add your chicken sausage and your kale and continue cooking for about 30 more minutes or until the sausage is cooked through. Once your soup is done take out the bay leaves and add the apple cider vinegar to taste. I do about 2 tablespoons, it sounds weird but it is really good! ENJOY!
Hopefully this has inspired you to try your own soup recipe out and shows you how easy it is. All I did to come up with this is go to the grocery store and find what sounded good and used what I already knew about cooking and threw this recipe together!

  • Some sort of stock
  • bay leaves
  • beans lentils quinoa or pasta
  • vegetables ( any kind)
  • A good Soup pot with a lid or a crock pot
  • A good knife makes chopping veggies so much easier

January 26, 2012

10 months is here! 10 months is here!

Dear Isaac, Today your are 10 months old! Also just like every other day you have managed to put this grin on my face. You are unlike any little being I have ever met. You love eating weird healthy food like I do that puts most people in disgust. Your eyes are so blue and sweet that every time I see them I turn into a puddle of mush. You climb everything, even weird things I didn't know you could climb? The toys scattered all about the living room that I just picked up are somehow everywhere again, its okay though because I love you.
You are the apple to my eye.
The laces to my shoes
leaves to my tree
sugar in my tea
you make everything seem alright in a moment of chaos.
The Happi to my ness and the good times to my fun.
Here is to you little one
Happy 10 months of life.

Yesterday we:
Walked everywhere instead of driving 
Checked out a new thrift store
Visited dada at work
Ate lunch
Took a much needed nap
Had dinner
took a bath
played together
Bed time Zzzzz.
My Baby is 10 monthes old!

January 23, 2012

Over The weekend.

Happy Monday! I can't believe my baby is going to be 10 months in 4 days, where did 10 months go? He's turning into a toddler! Can't complain though because he is the cutest ever. This past weekend we were lazy lazy lazy. It was cold here and we didn't feel like doing much, so all we really did was eat and watch movies. You really wanted to know that right? Something I'm excited for though is Eric's Birthday is coming up next month and so is Valentine's day! We also are planning a trip to the Oregon coast for this summer. So I am a happy lady. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

Here are some inspiring words for your Monday from the FP blog!

“To those who stay put, the world is but an imaginary place. But to the movers, the makers, and the shakers, the world is all around, an endless invitation.”

More from Free People: http://blog.freepeople.com/category/words/#ixzz1kJKBSUpT

January 21, 2012

Things I Love Lately.

1.Baby Shoes.


3.Pretty Tattoos

4.RED lips.

5.VW bus.

All Of These Images were from my Pinterest account. FOLLOW ME! http://pinterest.com/breannaanyan/

January 19, 2012

Quiche Muffins.

A new post I have been working on is food therapy. Us humans have to eat and myself being a food lover of almost any kind would probably categorize it as some sort of therapy. whether it be breakfast lunch or dinner I love them all equally. So I thought I could share with anybody who is interested recipes that I make for myself and my family. I would love it to if people would give feedback if they have tried a recipe I post, or have any recipes of there own they would like to share. This first recipe is quiche muffins. I came across a similar recipe on pinterest and made my own as you could too with this same recipe. That is what is nice about it, you can tweak it to you and your families taste or whatever you have on hand at the time being. Eric loves quiche, and as you might or might not know quiche pie takes forever and has way to many left overs for us. So I thought these were a great idea. Fast yummy and almost fool proof. Hope You enjoy them as much as we did. Happy eating!!!!

Also here are a few picture of the breakfast we had the other morning together on Eric's day off. We made it a little more fancy than are usually breakfasts. Perfect way to start a cold snowy day.

January 18, 2012

Snow Day, Part 2.

Our snow day was filled to the brim with snow activites. After Eric had left work we decided to take Isaac to the toygarden in fairhaven for there snowflake event. Nobody showed up because of the weather but we had fun anways. After we dominated in making the coolest snowflakes ever, we got hungry picked up a pizza went home and cuddled up and watched my new favorite movie Our Idiot Brother , I love it! This was Isaac's first snow day in Bellingham and I think we all enjoyed ourselves. Instead of dreading the weather, make the most of it like we did.

January 16, 2012

A Snow Day.

Late last night we were warned of a winter storm heading towards Bellingham, but I never expected it to be this much and its still dumping! On that note I decided that I would dress Isaac up in his little baby snow suit and bring him outside to see all the snow in it's cold white glory. Looking out the window is just not the same. He was so fascinated by it that all he really did was just stare blankly at it as it hit the ground.

In the next couple of days I will be posting some really yummy breakfast recipes that I enjoy making. Here are a few.
  • Homemade waffle mix
  • Homemade Agave blueberry syrup
  • quiche muffins
Hopefully you can try them out and let me know what you all think! Happy Monday.

January 15, 2012

Over The Weekend.

So we made it back to Bellingham Saturday afternoon! It has been nice to be home, I must say. Ive been doing a lot of cleaning and getting our apartment back to normal. One thing that I knew I would have to do was set a play area for Isaac since he had gotten so many new toys for Christmas. I still have a few minor details I want to do. But so far so good and he loves it.(will try to post pictures soon) Sunday Eric had a day off, we spent most of the day watching football. But for dinner we managed to want cheeseburgers, of course! So Wendy's it was. We had a good time sharing frostys and fries. I love all these little moments. They are little but I will remember them forever.

 Enjoy your week everybody! Hopefully you had a fun filled weekend as well!

January 10, 2012

Instagram Lately.

December and the beginning of January have been good so far. Isaac and I will be heading back to Bellingham this coming weekend! We are excited to be home but will miss our friends and family in Spokane dearly. Don't worry though, we will back for his Birthday at the end of March. When my baby will be turning 1 year old! Happy Tuesday friends.