January 15, 2012

Over The Weekend.

So we made it back to Bellingham Saturday afternoon! It has been nice to be home, I must say. Ive been doing a lot of cleaning and getting our apartment back to normal. One thing that I knew I would have to do was set a play area for Isaac since he had gotten so many new toys for Christmas. I still have a few minor details I want to do. But so far so good and he loves it.(will try to post pictures soon) Sunday Eric had a day off, we spent most of the day watching football. But for dinner we managed to want cheeseburgers, of course! So Wendy's it was. We had a good time sharing frostys and fries. I love all these little moments. They are little but I will remember them forever.

 Enjoy your week everybody! Hopefully you had a fun filled weekend as well!

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