January 19, 2012

Quiche Muffins.

A new post I have been working on is food therapy. Us humans have to eat and myself being a food lover of almost any kind would probably categorize it as some sort of therapy. whether it be breakfast lunch or dinner I love them all equally. So I thought I could share with anybody who is interested recipes that I make for myself and my family. I would love it to if people would give feedback if they have tried a recipe I post, or have any recipes of there own they would like to share. This first recipe is quiche muffins. I came across a similar recipe on pinterest and made my own as you could too with this same recipe. That is what is nice about it, you can tweak it to you and your families taste or whatever you have on hand at the time being. Eric loves quiche, and as you might or might not know quiche pie takes forever and has way to many left overs for us. So I thought these were a great idea. Fast yummy and almost fool proof. Hope You enjoy them as much as we did. Happy eating!!!!

Also here are a few picture of the breakfast we had the other morning together on Eric's day off. We made it a little more fancy than are usually breakfasts. Perfect way to start a cold snowy day.

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