January 26, 2012

10 months is here! 10 months is here!

Dear Isaac, Today your are 10 months old! Also just like every other day you have managed to put this grin on my face. You are unlike any little being I have ever met. You love eating weird healthy food like I do that puts most people in disgust. Your eyes are so blue and sweet that every time I see them I turn into a puddle of mush. You climb everything, even weird things I didn't know you could climb? The toys scattered all about the living room that I just picked up are somehow everywhere again, its okay though because I love you.
You are the apple to my eye.
The laces to my shoes
leaves to my tree
sugar in my tea
you make everything seem alright in a moment of chaos.
The Happi to my ness and the good times to my fun.
Here is to you little one
Happy 10 months of life.

Yesterday we:
Walked everywhere instead of driving 
Checked out a new thrift store
Visited dada at work
Ate lunch
Took a much needed nap
Had dinner
took a bath
played together
Bed time Zzzzz.
My Baby is 10 monthes old!

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