January 29, 2012

Patience makes perfect.

As soon as I wake up my brain is consumed with a to do list for the day. Is this what comes with being a mother? We all have an image in our minds that has created the way we want to live out our lives, I'm not the only one right? We have our dream home, what career we want how we want our kids to be raised. So much time is spent of dreaming up these pretty ideas in our head that we forget to actually pursue them. I see Isaac who wakes up each day and you can tell in his eyes that he is care free ready to do, well whatever he can. He doesn't have a worry in the word besides maybe when he gets to eat next. How simple and beautiful it is to be a child. Is it because they are so naive to what the world has to share? Our is it because to them the moment they are living in is all they need, to take in every second that passes with such carefree pace.  To me that must be the ultimate way to spend life. Even a simple walk outside his eyes widen and you can see that he is enjoying every little thing. The wind blowing through the trees, birds chirping, the noise the Bellingham rain makes falling from the sky. Having this little being that defines happiness makes my life feel so much more at ease. It makes me feel lucky and strong, like I could conquer the day with out a list or without having to feel there isn't enough time in a day. Patience is a new word I have found to describe myself that I thought I could never use. I no longer seem to rush the day by but instead I like to take it all in, fall in love with the little moments I share with Isaac so we can teach each other what it is to make the most of what we were given.

 Us on a hike this past summer, one of my favorite pictures of us.

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