February 1, 2012

A Day By The Bay.

Today it wasn't raining which in Bellingham is pretty unusual for this time of year. So we decided to go for a walk down by the ocean. I walked Isaac up by the ship playground to watch the kids play, it was so sweet to watch him stare at the kids. He kept making loud noises as though he was trying to get there attention to play. After we enjoyed the sunshine for a bit we decided to have dinner in downtown Fairhaven, which is only about 5 minutes from the park by the ocean. We dined on Italian food and Isaac enjoyed sitting in a highchair at the restaurant, playing with menus and chowing down the Italian white bread. I love days spent with my sweet little baby boy when its nice out. Makes this girl excited for the summer time.


  1. you are all perfect:) thanks for sharin B! i love to see the sunshine....

  2. Thanks Jen! You need to come play this summer :)