February 29, 2012

Lunch Date

The other day Eric had the day off and we usually will go out somewhere to eat whether breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Downtown there has always been this small place on Railroad St. that caught my eye but never took the time to try, Man Pies. Its been a locally owned food spot since July 2010, by a woman and her husband. When you walk in the smell of the pies is the first sign that your in a good place. But the best part is you can look back into the open kitchen and see them hand making these little circular pie crusts while watching the steam arise from the oven when they pull a new batch out. Is there anything that really beats a homemade from scratch meal? They had about 6 choices on the menu and I went for the roasted chicken and veggies pie while Eric opted for the BBQ pulled pork. Both were really yummy and the flaky crust definitely made it for us!
After we went to another local Favorite, The Mallard Creamery. They serve house made ice creams in the craziest flavors. We had the sweet potato coconut but some of the wild ones like ghost pepper chili lime and white russian were a little too crazy. The inside is really fun and is decorated with little rubber ducks and the coolest chairs and couches. Ice cream is definitely my weakness when it comes to dessert and this place most definitely fulfilled my love for frozen flavored cream!
 Eric Next suggested we visit our favorite little toy shop in fair haven, Fairhaven Toy Garden. This play is filled with natural toys and fun games. We spotted the sweetest little kitchen we wanted for Isaac's birthday but the display was the last one! He had so much fun playing with it and when it was time to go he was so upset with us. I felt horrible so went went to the ski and bike shop next door and got Isaac his first bicycle helmet, its so cute on him! February 28th, you were a good day.


  1. Dani Hampton is right, your blog is adorable! New follower here :) (and I suspect you'll have a few more, too!)