February 28, 2012

Front Page News.

The other day I had decided to take Isaac to Marine Park for a little picnic. While there a man began to take photographs of us sitting on rocks watching a boat pass by. At first I'm not going to lie I was a little creeped out but continued to just hang out and enjoy my time. Later on he came up to us and asked our names and told me he was from the Bellingham Herald and was going to put a small story of us in the paper. So I gave him our names and as he walked away he said you guys are going to be famous and I just kind of nodded and went back to what I was doing. The next day it was about 8pm and I was telling Eric about what had happened so I decided to check out the computer to see if we were actually going to be in the paper, sure enough we were on the front page! I know its not the biggest deal but I can't wait to someday share this with Isaac because we have spent so much of our time out on that bay together so I thought it was kind of special. Here is the picture and some from that same day.

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  1. ha! that would be creepy if it wasn't a photographer for a newspaper! i'd make hubby go punch him.

    but congrats! it's a beautiful photo! i stumbled onto your blog from a friends page and thought i'd say hello :)

    newest follow <3 follow back sometime?

    hugs, xo!