February 27, 2012

11 months.

This morning when I woke up I rolled over next to an 11 month old boy. Thinking to myself I remembered how a  tiny newborn used to take place of this now chubby little, almost toddler. I know that it is hard for most to get used to the fact that there baby turns from just that into a walking talking little being, but I am so excited for him to mutter his first I love you mom and for him to be able to hop on his skateboard for the first time. Don't get  me wrong though it will be missed all the baby cooing and wobbly sitting. I just can't get over the fact that Isaac is getting so much more fun everyday and that it will probably only continue from here! His clothes are getting more grown up like and I can't help but to buy him way too many, his jabbering is more often and way louder than ever before, the backwards crawling is now a full speed sprint in crawl form, and a jungle gym is now what everything is used for. Also Im not sure if its possible but his eyes seem more blue every day. So while I will continue to enjoy these baby stages I will not be bitter when they leave because to me I will still always have a baby, I love you sweet boy.


 We did our usual routine breakfast, bath, play then nap time. We had been on the go for the past couple days and yesterday and today we decided to stay home and get back on track with what we are used to, such as scheduled nap times. While getting Isaac dressed today I couldn't help but put a plain white onesie on him! Reminds me of the summer time when he was so little and would wear just a onsie almost everyday. They are just one of those things that kids can get away with for so long so today I had to.
On a different note we started a gluten free juicer cleanse a few days ago and it has been going great. Yesterday I made gluten free banana bread bars and they were so good Isaac and I ate them all! Usually I only eat things that Isaac is able to eat as well. Avocados, bananas, waffles, oatmeal, lentil and pea soup are some of our favorites. This has changed a bit though due to the non gluten diet. Below Isaac is enjoying his new gluten free cereal with organic almond milk, its actually really good and so far have found that gluten free food doesn't actually taste bad at all! Eric and I have been feeling great so far besides the not being able to eat pizza part and I don't think isaac is having a hard time with it either, so I am hoping to keep it up as long as we can! I will eventually be sharing a few of the gluten free recipes we try and hopefully you can test out as well.
Happy Monday,


  1. what a cutie little isaac is! I just saw your blog while reading "sometimes sweet" its so fun to see other mammas doing their thing!

  2. Saw your blog from Sometimes Sweet...your son is such a cutie! Adorable!
    I loved this post, I just woke up the other morning and realized my son was 10 months old!