March 6, 2012

Lately I Love it When...

I make waffles for breakfast, they are my absolute favorite.

When nap time is over and I walk into the room to see isaac awaken, and I'm greeted with a squeal and smile.

My parents come to visit Isaac and I. We always anticipate them coming, only a few more weeks till they come see us again too! Grandpa and Isaac on his motorcycle this last summer when he rode over for the day to see us. So cute.

I turn the bath water on and Isaac can barely contain his excitement. He shakes and wiggles while trying to rip his shirt of himself as fast as he can. Even if he throws every bottle inside the tub.You are so cute Isaac Paul.

I wake up before anybody in the house, feels good like I can do something for just me and I'm the only one who has a say. "me time"

The Ocean is wild and waves crash against the wood of the boardwalk on our walks, but also the calm relaxing flat as glass Ocean that sparkles when the sun dances across it. Its pure joy when Im next to the ocean. My little baby doing tummy time at the park in the summer at Blvd. park with the most perfect view of the bay.

I sing songs to Isaac and he just stares at me with the sweetest smirk, it melts my soul when that boy smiles at me. Like he could just completely take away any feeling or thought I have and make it a moment to cherish. I sing this one most.

The House is clean. Dishes, laundry, bills are paid. Makes everything else a little more enjoyable. Doesn't it?

Above all else when my family is happy I'm probably pretty happy myself. Ive always been a people pleaser but when the ones I love are enjoying life there is no greater "I love it when" My favorite picture of my two loves last summer. These pictures make me smile so big because I remember this day exactly.

We all have little things that when they happen you can't help but be happy, just drop everything and smile kind of moments. Every bone in your body, word spoke, emotion felt is completely compelled by your happiness.These are just a few little things that happen and when they do, it reminds me of how lucky I truly am. When days are off and I'm feeling down I like to write out little happy moments It always brings my mood up.
What brings you happiness? A certain someone's smile, a silly love song? Write them out and see you'll be surprised at the happiness it brings.

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  1. You're so right! It's important to stop and recognize those little moments. And I think you've inspired me to make waffles for dinner tonight!