February 9, 2012

A Little Love For My City, Part 1.

I've lived in Bellingham for a little over a year now,  and I have lived some of my greatest and most treasured moments here. I gave birth to Isaac and he has started his little life in this city as well. I can now say that Bellingham will always have a special place in my heart. It is such a unique place unlike any other in Washington that I have been. The feeling you get is relaxing and peaceful, the gloomy days some how seem to make me feel at ease. There are beautiful mountains peaking in every which direction you view and an ocean front from downtown that is breath taking. The shops downtown are all mainly locally owned,  including a lot of the food places. Some of my favorites are Boundry Bay, Avalon, Fiamma Pizza, Rocket Donuts, Digs, The Flea Market, Penny antiques. In Fairhaven I enjoy the Toy garden, Colophon Cafe, Fairhaven books, and many more. Fairhaven is also known as the Old Bellingham. Old and new train tracks run through it and lots of old restored buildings, one of the biggest was a cannery that was right on Bellingham Bay. Its no longer around but they have a monument dedicated to it right across from the boardwalk in the water. If You cross the boardwalk from downtown Fairhaven there is a park, Blvd. Park. They have a nice grass area, playground, coffee shop and a rec. area for bands to play in the spring and summer. The best part about this park is that it is steps away from the beautiful ocean, which gives it a scenery like no other parks in Bellingham. On a nice day if you look out you can see the Lummi Islands with little sail boats dotted across the water. Below are a few pictures of a walk I like to take with Isaac from Blvd. Park to downtown Fairhaven. It was pretty rainy out but I think I still managed to capture the beauty of what we saw.

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