February 15, 2012

Baby and His Bath.

Hope you all had a happy Valentines day! Yesterday we spent the night at home made a nice dinner watched a movie and relaxed, it was much needed. It was Isaac's first valentines day too so him and I went on a walk in the morning and he got plenty of mommy love. This morning he woke up pretty early considering he stayed up until 230 Am. He has been teething like crazy and is getting molars now! I guess better early than late, but this leaves for one tired mama. We Made the yummiest fruit topped waffles for breakfast and it was Isaac's first time trying kiwi, a little sour for his likings I think but he ate it. After I gave him a bath. While doing so I realized how much I love watching him play in the bath and reminisced  on how much he has grown, and bath time really makes you see how much! The hair that was once nothing now curls into the cutest little blonde mohawk. Like a wild child he splashes, climbs, kicks and squeals. Nothing like the newborn I once knew that would calmly wiggle and coo at me. Then it hit me. Im going to be a mother of a one year old next month! How lucky I am to have watched this boy grow over the past year. I told Isaac today to that when he turns one he gets to take big boy baths, I think he's excited.



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