December 28, 2011

The most wonderful time of the year, Christmas!

This year was the best Christmas yet. I have always said this as every year has passed but having it been Isaac's first it was so much more special. He was the perfect age to open gifts. He was so into it and was making so many faces and noises as he opened them and yes he opened them, I think that may have been his favorite part! I decided to buy him all wooden toys, I made this decision mainly because they are safer and last longer. I also think they look better and are way more fun. He got alot of old school things like a wood farm house, wooden balance bike, gumby's horse pokie, FP Tv, the piano, pull along train, stackable nesting blocks and a few more. I am the luckiest mama to have such a sweet natured boy. I think he had such a fun time and we both cannot wait to share many more holidays together.

As Isaac's main gift I got him a mini piano. This gift was a big hit and he loves to play it. Its the cutest thing to watch, he gives the biggest smiles and bashes his baby hands against it. Such a perfect little pianst.

We spent christmas eve with my family at my parents house. My brothers were there and my nephew Jayden. We opened gifts from eachother and had a dinner. Jayden got this wagon and the both of them loved it!

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