November 14, 2011

Food For Thought.

Isaac has been enjoying being able to sample as many different foods as he can. There is not a meal during the day that I have where Isaac isnt staring down grabbing for or yes crying for. He loves his meal times and has loved every food that I have given to him. His favorites are sweet potatoe apple and butternut squash. For about 3 weeks now he has been loving the new texture of these little organic puffs that melt away in his mouth. Today I tried something new by putting them into a little container and let him feed himself, so cute! He does a really good job and finds it entertaining to stuff as many as he can into his mouth. I have loved feeding Isaac new things and both of us are excited for his first Thanksgiving!
Happy Monday
Breanna & Isaac
 Such a perfect little face his is making while feeding himself! My baby is growing up :)

       So Much Concentration going on trying to get those things. He dumped them out multiple times, must have been easier to grab that way.

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