November 10, 2011

7 months old

  Isaac is 7 months old and I still can't believe it! He is so beautiful and perfect in everyway. We spend our days learning together and by that I mean both of us, we both learn something new about eachother everyday and it makes our bond so much stronger you can almost feel it. May sound cliche but really it is so amazing the feeling I have of being a mother.
  He is now able to do so many new things
  • Eats pureed foods 3 times a day all homemade. (still breast feeding at night and 2 times a day)
  • sits up with any support and can do so for long periods of time.
  • now spends up to 20 minutes on his tummy! playing and backing up not fully crawling around yet but im sure that will be soon!
  • Upgraded his bath tub from a newborn tub to a blow up ducky tub he can sit upright in with out the support.
  • makes tons of noises such as grunts and screams he is constanly blowing bubbles with his lips and sticking his tongue out.
  • The biggest cuddle baby ever! He is always snuggling into my neck and chest and will rest his head on me for long periods of time. My favorite :)
  • getting good at keeping himself occupied for longer than 5 minutes, A little more independent.
  • We also have a pretty good schedule set during our day including naps feedings bathes and play times.
  • Still only has 2 bottom teeth that he got at 3 months and 2 weeks old
  • Wears size 18-24 months and 12 months in jammies.
  • his hair is a light blond with light brown and still has extremely blue eyes!
Everyday there is something new that he is doing our learning and I love being there for every moment of it!

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  1. your such a great mother breanna

    ~Shauna g.