October 21, 2011

Twig Art

This is a great and cheap way to add something unique and handmade to any space that needs some color!
It took me about an hour to make and all I had to do was walk outside and find a branch and use any left over craft supplies and paints I had, so worth it :)
What You Will Need
  •  ABranch any shape or size will work
  • Paints ( mine I paid 59 cents a bottle)
  • Old lace ribbon
  • Suede string
  • Broken necklace strands
  • Hemp cord
  • Yarn
  • Or anything you think would be fun to add
  1. First paint wherever on the branch you would like
  2. LET PAINT DRY this is important because if not the paint will get on you or any of the other added decor
  3. Twirl ribbons, yarn, lace or necklace strands where desired
  4. Then your done! This looks great either in a vase or pot as shown above or hung on your wall!
  5. ENJOY! :)

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